Handmade Wooden Ganesha
Full Statue Wooden Shiva Handmade :13 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm


Shiva is known as the “Destroyer” according to the Hindu faith. In the Shaivism tradition, Shiva is one of the supreme beings that create, protect and transform the universe. Brahma as the creator of the universe, Vishnu as the protector, and Shiva to destroy it to recreate the universe.

It carries a three-headed spear (trident). This represents the Hindu trio. His third eye on his forehead is a symbol of wisdom, as well as a source of enormous power and energy. If we take into account the cobra necklace on the neck and the snakes change, it represents the destruction and change power of Shiva. Her body is stained with ashes and her hair is messy. Qualified as “Great Teacher” in the Hindu faith, Shiva is usually shown as four arms. This meticulously hand carved made in wood shows Lord Shiva like a symbol of powerful.


Kotsa Handmade Wooden Shiva Statue | Religion Shiva Statue